Biomedical Engineer

The Biomedical Engineer’s Division are responsible for the maintenance of equipments used in dialysis . These mainly includes the RO or return Osmosis (water purifications) and dialysis Machines for patients treatment daily.


To simulate overall functionality of Haemodialysis Machine(Artificial Kidney)


  1. Set Blood flow rate in normal given range.
  2. Set control for ultrafilteration goal and ultra filtereaton rate.
  3. Set Dialysate flow rate in normal given range.
  4. Run Virtual Haemodialysis Machine.
  5. Simulate Blood leak detector.
  6. Simulate Air bubble detector.


  1. To understand the block schematics / modules involved in Haemodialysis Machine.
  2. To understand various measurement and control involved in Haemodialysis Machine.
  3. To understand overall functionality of Haemodialysis Machine.

Definitions of the Dialysis Machines

Water Treatment

One of its objectives Return Osmosis. To make sure that no bubbles or germs pass through the purified water system